Spring Health Check

Wednesday 24 April

Winter and it's freezing temperatures can cause all sorts of unforseen issues with your vehicle. So we thought we'd give you the lowdown on things to check now that Spring is here.

Spring Health Check For Your Vehicle

Winter time with its cold temperatures, snow, grit and potholes can wreak all sorts of havoc with your car, causing unseen damage that can go unnoticed for months and eventually cause serious faults in the future that carry a very expensive price tag.

Vehicle crashes due to neglected maintenance cause more than 2,600 deaths a year, according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

Did you know that regular vehicle maintenance can.....

  • - improve fuel efficiency
  • - help maintain peak performance
  • - save you money in the long run as it can avoid major repairs in the future
  • - save your life!



The cold weather can have an effect on tyre pressure; as the air gets colder the tyre pressure drops. Tyre pressures should be checked regularly (don't forget the spare) during winter months and re-checked and adjusted accordingly come warmer weather. Did you know that under inflated tyres can reduce fuel economy by over 3%? Under inflated tyres can also cause premature tyre failure, uneven wear and pose a significant safety hazard. So check your tyre pressures regularly.....after all, it's only 20p!!


A spring health check can reveal any damage to your vehicle’s brakes that may have occurred over the harsh winter months. You should have your brakes inspected by a professional to ensure optimum safety and effectiveness. The brake fluid should also be visually checked to ensure it is at the correct level. Low brake fluid can be indicative of excessive brake wear or a leak.


Batteries have to work over-time when the temperature drops, not to mention the effect on their cranking performance which can be compromised by up to 60 percent. You should have your battery tested after winter and replace old or weak batteries if they are over 4 years old. Otherwise you could be forking out for a tow off of the motorway!


Uneven road surfaces and potholes caused by extremes in temperature are not only hazardous to tyres and wheels, but they can cause major damage to your suspension too. If you suspect that a pothole has caused damage to your car, seek expert advice immediately. In some cases, you can even claim from local councils.

Belts and hoses

Belts and hoses can become brittle and crack with the colder weather. These should be checked regularly and should be replaced every five years or so, even if they look to be in tact. 

Other Spring Checks


Antifreeze- Check your antifreeze levels (also known as coolant). You must ensure that you are using the correct antifreeze according to your car's manufacturer's recommendations. Check your user manual if you are unsure.

Wipers and Washer Fluid- Check your windscreen washer fluid regularly too and give your wiper blades the once over every couple of weeks to check for rubber deterioration.

Oil Levels - You should get into the habit of regularly checking your oil level. Major loss of oil spotted sooner rather than later could be the difference between a bill of a £50 or a bill of £2,000 for a new engine!!

Transmission Fluid - Check the transmission fluid for correct levels. Check the owner's manual for the right type of transmission fluid to use and the proper interval for service and replacement. Keep an eye out for transmission leaks too. If you suspect a leak, seek an expert’s advice.

Steering Fluid - Inspect power steering fluid for proper levels. Low power steering fluid can cause damage to the power steering system and lead to premature and/or instant power steering failure.

Regular Cleaning- Make sure you clean your car regularly too as the road grit used by councils can corrode you bodywork. During spring you should check your engine bay for leaves, these too can cause rust and damage bonnet struts.

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Article written by Pontus Karlberg